Monday, January 30, 2012


Don't get ahead of yourself....This is not my miracle but it is a miracle...He is living proof of LOVE and PRAYERS ANSWERED. My friend and her husband were blessed, after a long wait, with the gift of adoption. Holding Baby C today gave me such hope for a future that I can't see yet, but I know is there.   There is no doubt that this baby boy was a gift from God and That God picked his family. Congratulations to my friends. I'm so happy that I got to see God form your family, it is truly a miracle.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You just thought Christmas was over, but it wasn't! This Sunday we celebrated Epiphany, The Magi followed the star to offer gold, incense, and Myrrh. We celebrated by having Christmas with J's family. One of the challenges of work and families in different towns is celebrating Christmas together on Christmas. So this year we journeyed to his parents house on the weekend of Epiphany, where his parent's home was filled with Christmas Spirit and love!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

I have made a resolution this year and that is no resolutions. I am going to continue to live life to the fullest, eat healthy, exercise, and pray.  I'm going to get a jump on the next holiday as you can tell by my new background. Valentine's day. I loved the template, so I figured we'd enjoy it over the next month! Jaime thinks this is going to be the year that we become parents. That was his revelation as we devoured black eyed peas on Sunday. It's nice to have a hubby that is so positive. So today, on my first post of the new year that is love themed, I'm going to thank God for something I love so dearly, my Jaime.